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2011 Sebac Agreement Document

The Health Improvement Program (HEP), approved by CSU-AAUP members as part of the 2011 SEBAC agreement, aims to ensure that people have the information they need to make decisions that can improve their health, decisions that can save their lives. It will save money for the state and for government employees, who pay about 14 percent of the state`s health spending through their premiums, focusing on health prevention. CSU-AAUP members are encouraged to create their personal hep account by visiting the State Comptroller`s website. 1. JOB SAFETY: No agreement would mean anything in these times without job security. The two years plus SEBAC 2009`s job security will be extended for an additional four years, until June 30, 2015. In areas where the promise has been misappropriated, new safeguards will strengthen job security. Job Security is available to any trading unit that has ratified an agreement within the parameters described below in the framework described below. SEBAC will not aim to make more sacrifices for government employees who have already given so much to the people we serve. Our 2017 agreement will save Connecticut taxpayers $25 billion over the next 20 years and help fill chronic budget deficits that jeopardize vital public services.

Due to the state`s economic crisis, members of the CSU AAUP voted in favour of a four-year contract extension, which provides for a wage freeze for the 2011 and 2012 financial year in exchange for job security until 30 June 2015. For more details on the agreement, see the modification of the CSU-AAUP/BOT contract for salary changes and the revised SEBAC agreement for changes in pensions and health care (below). 4. AN INVESTISSEMENT IN RETRAITE HEALTH CARE: The most vulnerable benefit for government employees is the provision of health care for retirees. Not only has it been successfully attacked by almost every other employer, but it is almost totally unfunded. The result is a nearly $20 billion liability to the state, which is both irresponsible and a huge negative factor when a union negotiates wages or other financial improvements. The extension of SEBAC 5 until 2022 naturally contributes to this result. But the agreement requires both parties to invest in the trust fund, a provision that, according to the Accounting Rules of the Government Accounting Standards Board, immediately reduces unfunded liability by billions. All public servants who do not currently contribute to the Pensioners` Trust Fund will contribute 1/2% to the trust fund in fiscal 2014 (which begins on July 1, 2013), 2% in total for fiscal year 2015 and 3% in 2016.

Each worker`s contribution ends after the 3% counter-value payment for 10 years (provided they do not retire first) and those who have previously paid under SEBAC 2009 will continue to pay 3%, but they will receive a credit for all the years they have already paid (so that they finish earlier).

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