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An Agreement Reached By Adjustment Of Conflicting Or Opposing Claims Is Called -

Cancel: To bring it down; to cross; cancel a document by erasing or disfiguring. If a debt is due, it is cancelled at the time of payment. Candidate: A person looking for an office. In politics, a person who has been appointed by his party and who is going to run for office. Capable: Competent; Be in force of things judged; Qualified. Capital gains: profits from the sale of investments that go beyond costs and values. These profits are subject to special taxation, as defined by tax legislation. investment: money spent to increase the value of an asset. Capitalize: To estimate the value of a stock; Authorize the issuance of a number of shares and bonds in a company`s by-statutes; to bring in capital. Capture: to be entered. The right to own what is on your own land.

That`s how an owner captures the oil that`s under his land. Freight: goods and goods transported by a merchant ship. Cash flow: An accountant for the total result, plus the credits allowed for the amortization of the equipment and installation. Cash purchase value: The value of an insurance policy on a given date before the policy expires. This amount is calculated according to defined rules. An insured who waives his insurance is entitled to a certain amount of money determined by the premium he paid during the life of the policy. Current value: the amount for which something can be sold on an open market. Also known as market value, fair market value, clear market value. The certainty: without a shadow of a doubt; Clarity Specificity Accuracy Distinction.

(The opposite of uncertainty.) Certificate: a written statement that serves as verification and authentication of the exposed fact. Such a document is often signed by a notary. Certified cheque: the signature of a cheque by a bank agent indicating that the depositor has sufficient resources to cover the amount of the cheque. Certified copy: A copy of a document that means it is an authentic copy. This copy is authenticated by the official whose custody is entrusted to the original document. Certify: To guarantee the authenticity of something. Certification is often done by signing a document and thus certifying its validity. Challenge: A commitment; an exception.

Rooms: The private office of a judge. Change of beneficiary: change of a bequest or interest from one person to another. Non-profit organization: a person who does not spend capital and who has nothing in his charter, which provides for dividends or profits. Not-for-profit Trust Fund: a trust fund whose assets and income benefit the community or a significant portion of the public. Charter: an act of legislator who creates a society and defines its frankness; a document defining the organization of a business.

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