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Basin Plan Implementation Agreement

(c) promote a risk-based approach to water resource planning and management; 1. A water resource management plan should indicate how the amount of water actually collected from each SDL resource unit for use consumed at each use is determined after a water billing period using the best available information. A water resource plan must be developed that takes into account the views of indigenous peoples with respect to cultural flows. (c) sustainable development and management of water resources at the water management plan site within the annual long-term diversion limits (part 4); 1. Subject to this section, a water resource management plan should provide for an update of the annual long-term amount of water that can be taken from an SDL resource unit for surface water for consumption: a plan is updated when it is reviewed and redesigned, whether or not the plan has been modified as a result of the review. Note: A number of provisions of the basin plan require decision-makers to “take into account” certain issues in the performance of duties and decision-making. The terms “take into account” and similar formulations must be interpreted in accordance with the case law, as they evolve from time to time and are applied according to the circumstances. This note is intended to reflect the case law and not limit its application or development. When a decision-maker must “take into account” certain issues, it is expected that the decision maker will consider these issues appropriately, real and realistically, even if he or she is not ultimately required to act in accordance with these issues.

The need to “take into account” a particular case or case does not mean that the decision maker cannot take into account other relevant facts, such as. B the benefits and costs of a given measure, such as the benefits and costs of a given measure. More information on the words “keep in mind” the words “attention” and “attention” and “attention” should be considered. 1. The Authority may enter into an agreement with a basin state on any obligation imposed by the pelvic plan on that pelvic state. (b) the social, intellectual and cultural exploitation of water resources in the Water Resource Plan by indigenous peoples (Indigenous Uses); Section 2 – Review of Water Quality Goals and Environmental Irrigation Plan 161 (a) for the implementation of relevant international agreements through the integrated management of water resources in the watershed; and (1) Taking into account the views of the indigenous organizations concerned on the issues covered in paragraph 10.52 and the following points, a water resource plan must be drawn up: 8.53 Principle 1- Respect for the principles of ecologically sustainable development and international agreements. 83 (a) coordinate the planning, prioritization and use of environmental waters, both long-term and year-round; and note: 2 Category A cases are subject to 5 annual reports and Category B issues are submitted to the annual reports, subject to agreement in accordance with Section 13.15.

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